Hyundai Venue: ETC (Electronic Throttle control) System / Troubleshooting

Hyundai Venue (QX) (2020-2022) Service Manual / Engine Control / Fuel System / Engine Control System / ETC (Electronic Throttle control) System / Troubleshooting

Fail-safe Mode
ETC Motor
Throttle valve stuck at 5°
TPS 1 fault
Replace it with TPS2
TPS 2 fault
Replace it with TPS1
TPS 1, 2 fault
Throttle valve stuck at 5°
APS 1 fault
Replace it with APS2
APS 2 fault
Replace it with APS1
APS 1, 2 fault
Throttle valve stuck at 5°

Hyundai Venue. Troubleshooting   
When throttle value is stuck at 5°, engine speed is limited at below 1,500 rpm and vehicle speed at maximum 40 - 50 km/h (25 - 31mph).


    Specification Throttle Angle (°) Output Voltage (V) [Vref = 5V] TPS1 TPS2 0 0 3...

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    Fuel gauge

    Hyundai Venue. Fuel gauge

    This gauge indicates the approximate amount of fuel remaining in the fuel tank.


    The fuel tank capacity is given in chapter 2. The fuel gauge is supplemented by a low fuel warning light, which will illuminate when the fuel tank is nearly empty. On inclines or curves, the fuel gauge pointer may fluctuate or the low fuel warning light may come on earlier than usual due to the movement of fuel in the tank.

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