Hyundai Venue: Charging System / Alternator

Hyundai Venue (QX) (2020-2022) Service Manual / Engine Electrical System / Charging System / Alternator

Repair procedures

On-vehicle Inpection    • First of all, check for DTCs...

Description and operation

Description The Alternator has eight built-in diodes, each rectifying AC current to DC current. Therefore, DC current appears at alternator "B" terminal...

Other information:

Hyundai Venue (QX) (2020-2022) Service Manual: Warning Indicator. Repair procedures

Inspection 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the front door trim. (Refer to Body - "Front door trim") 3. Disconnect the power door mirror connector from the harness 4...

Hyundai Venue (QX) (2020-2022) Service Manual: Brake bleeding procedures

Brake System Bleeding Nomal Brake System    • Do not reuse the drained fluid. • Always use genuine DOT4 brake Fluid...


Instrument Panel Overview

Hyundai Venue. Instrument Panel Overview

1. Instrument cluster
2. Horn
3. Key ignition switch/ Engine Start/Stop button
4. Infotainment system
5. Hazard warning flasher switch

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