Hyundai Venue: Heater / Heater Unit. Components and components location

Hyundai Venue (QX) (2020-2022) Service Manual / Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning / Heater / Heater Unit. Components and components location

Component Location

Hyundai Venue. Heater Unit. Components and components location

1. Heater unit assembly


Hyundai Venue. Heater Unit. Components and components location

1. Mode control actuator
2. Heater core case
3. Center duct seal
4. PTC heater
5. Heater core assembly
6. Heater case [LH]
7. Heater lower cover
8. Foot door assembly
9. Vent door assembly
10. DEF door assembly
11. Evaporator temperature sensor
12. Evaporator assembly
13. Heater unit pad
14. Heater case [RH]
15. Temperature control actuator
16. Aspirator hose



    Heater Unit. Repair procedures

    Replacement 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Recover the refrigerant with a recovery / recycling / charging station...

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    Air bag collision sensors


    To reduce the risk of an air bag deploying unexpectedly and causing serious injury or death:

    Do not hit or allow any objects to impact the locations where air bags or sensors are installed. Do not perform maintenance on or around the air bag sensors. If the location or angle of the sensors is altered, the air bags may deploy when they should not or may not deploy when they should. Do not install bumper guards or replace the bumper with a nongenuine HYUNDAI parts. This may adversely affect the collision and air bag deployment performance. Place the ignition switch in the LOCK/OFF or ACC position when the vehicle is being towed to prevent inadvertent air bag deployment. Have all air bag repairs conducted by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.

    Hyundai Venue. Air bag collision sensors

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