Hyundai Venue: While Driving / Cruise Control

Hyundai Venue (QX) (2020-2024) Owners Manual / While Driving / Cruise Control

Cruise Control Operation

Hyundai Venue. Cruise Control

1. Cruise indicator
2. SET indicator

The Cruise Control system allows you to drive at speeds above 20 MPH (30 km/h) without depressing the accelerator pedal.


Take the following precautions:

  • Always set the vehicle speed under the speed limit.
  • If the Cruise Control is left on, (cruise indicator light in the instrument cluster is illuminated) the Cruise Control can be activated unintentionally. Keep the Cruise Control system off (cruise indicator light OFF) when the Cruise Control is not in use, to avoid inadvertently setting a speed.
  • Use the Cruise Control system only when traveling on open highways in good weather.
  • Do not use the Cruise Control when it may be unsafe to keep the vehicle at a constant speed.

• Do not use when:

-- Driving in heavy traffic or when traffic conditions make it difficult to drive at a constant speed
-- Driving on rainy, icy, or snowcovered roads
-- Driving on hilly or windy roads
-- Driving in windy areas
-- Driving with limited view (possibly due to bad weather such as fog, snow, rain and sandstorm)


  • During normal cruise control operation, when the SET switch is activated or reactivated after applying the brakes, the cruise control will energize after approximately 3 seconds. This delay is normal.
  • Before activating the cruise control function, the system will check to verify that the brake switch is operating normally. Depress the brake pedal at least once after turning ON the ignition or starting the engine.

Leading vehicle departure alert

Leading Vehicle Departure Alert function provides the alert whether the leading vehicle drives away or not, while a stop. System setting and operating Conditions • Selecting Driver Attention Warning Leading Vehicle Departure Alert can be activated from Users mode in the cluster LCD display by following the procedure below...

To set Cruise Control speed

1. Press the CRUISE button on the steering wheel to turn the system on. The cruise indicator will illuminate. 2. Accelerate to the desired speed, which must be more than 20 MPH (30 km/h)...

Other information:

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Master warning mode

Hyundai Venue. Master warning mode

This warning light informs the driver the following situations.

-- Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist system malfunction (if equipped)
-- Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist radar blocked (if equipped)
-- Blind-Spot Collision Warning system malfunction (if equipped)
-- Blind-Spot Collision Warning radar blocked (if equipped)
-- Lamp malfunction (if equipped)
-- High Beam Assist malfunction (if equipped)
-- Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) malfunction (if equipped)

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