Hyundai Venue: High Mounted Stop Lamp / Repair procedures

Hyundai Venue (QX) (2020-2023) Service Manual / Body Electrical System / High Mounted Stop Lamp / Repair procedures

High Mounted Stop Lamp
Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.
Remove the rear package tray trim.
(Refer to Body - "Rear Package Tray Trim")
Remove the high mounted stop lamp (A) after loosening the mounting screws.

Hyundai Venue. Repair procedures

Install the high mounted stop lamp.
Install the rear package tray trim.
Connect the negative (-) battery terminal.

    High Mounted Stop Lamp


    Rear Combination Lamp


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    Remote Key

    Hyundai Venue. Remote Key

    Your HYUNDAI uses a remote key, which you can use to lock or unlock the driver and passenger doors or the rear liftgate.

    (1) Door Lock
    (2) Door Unlock
    (3) Panic

    Locking Your Vehicle

    To lock your vehicle:

    1. Make sure all doors, the engine hood and the liftgate are closed.

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