Hyundai Venue: Steering wheel / Repair procedures

Hyundai Venue (QX) (2020-2024) Service Manual / Steering System / Steering wheel / Repair procedures

Turn the ignition switch OFF and disconnect the battery negative (-) cable.
Turn the steering wheel so that the front wheels can face straight ahead.
Remove the drive airbag module.
(Refer to Restraint - "Drive Air Bag Module")
Disconnect the steering wheel connector (A).

Hyundai Venue. Repair procedures

Remove the steering wheel lock bolt (A) and then separate the steering wheel from the steering column.
Tightening torque :
44.1 - 49.0 N.m (4.5 - 5.0 kgf.m, 32.5 - 36.2 lb-ft)

Hyundai Venue. Repair procedures

Loosen the screw and then remove the lower cover (A).

Hyundai Venue. Repair procedures

Disconnect the remote control switch connector (A).

Hyundai Venue. Repair procedures

Hyundai Venue. Repair procedures

Loosen the screw and then remove the remote control switch (A).

Hyundai Venue. Repair procedures

Loosen the screw and then remove the steering wheel bezel (A).

Hyundai Venue. Repair procedures

Install in the reverse order of removal.

    Components and components location

    Components 1. Drive air bag module (DAB) 2. Steering wheel 3. Wiring 4. Bezel 5. Remote control switch 6...

    Heated Steering wheel. Components and components location


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    Interior Overview

    Hyundai Venue. Interior Overview

    1. Door lock/unlock button
    2. Outside rearview mirror control switch
    3. Central door lock switch
    4. Power window switches
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